COGNIsoft-I: Cognitive Rehabilitation

Convenient, adaptable Windows user-friendly software for cognitive rehabilitation

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COGNIsoft-I includes 12 programs for cognitive rehabilitation of alertness, attention, working memory, impulse inhibition and problem solving after brain injury and brain illness such as head injury, stroke and multiple sclerosis. Additionally, some of the programs have specifically been designed to target the symptoms that are most often seen after stroke, such as visual hemineglect and visuospatial impairment.

COGNIsoft-I software for cognitive rehabilitation is developed by Neuropsychologist Dr. Palle M. Pedersen and has been used for 20 years in medical facilities and home-care rehab programs by professionals in the Nordic countries. It is now ready for sale in English and German.

Several COGNIsoft-I Programs

A compromise between user friendliness and flexibility was sought during the development of these programs. Although, as an unavoidable consequence, increased program flexibility can affect the use of these programs, we continue to feel that program flexibility is an important feature. Users are likely to function at very different levels with regard to the speed and complexity with which they can cope as well as the level of cuing that they may need. Thus, it is because of the flexibility of these programs that they can be used for persons with mild as well as severe cognitive impairments.

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There are no materials for cognitive rehabilitation that can replace a thorough neuropsychological assessment, as well as planning for the individual patient or client. COGNIsoft programs are also no exception to this principle. They may, however, constitute a useful part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program - one that should also include an assessment of the emotional state and social skills of the participant.

COGNIsoft-I is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

It is currently available in English, German, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish.

Manuals for COGNIsoft-I

All manuals for COGNIsoft-I programs for cognitive rehabilitation after brain injury are in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format. All content in the manuals is also available from inside the programs in the help-system.

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