Cognitive Assessment at Bedside Using iPad

CABPad is a short neuropsychological test battery for bedside screening for cognitive dysfunctions after stroke 

Available on the App Store

The app contains English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Norwegian and Danish language.

Focuses on assessment in subacute stroke

  • Allows bedside assessment
  • Its short duration avoids fatigue
  • Assesses the most frequent symptoms in stroke
  • Assesses functions important for independency

Minimizes the influence of aphasia and neglect

  • Non-verbal tests for episodic and working memory
  • Non-verbal test for executive inhibition and flexibility
  • Arrow cues to minimize influence of neglect in memory test

Assesses the most frequent symptoms in stroke

  • Aphasia: Naming, comprehension and verbal fluency
  • Hemineglect: Visual and directional
  • Anosognosia: Rating of awareness of symptoms

Assesses the functions most important for independency

  • Working memory
  • Episodic memory
  • Mental speed and concentration
  • Executive inhibition and flexibility

A standardized and sensitive battery appropriate for a wide range stroke severity

  • Standardized instructions read aloud by the iPad
  • Sensitive to cognitive reduction in stroke
  • Able to measure remission of cognitive function
  • Based on research in a stroke unit with patients with a wide range of demographic backgrounds and stroke severity

Tests included in the battery

  1. Rating of Anosognosia (Lack of Awareness of Symptoms)
  2. Motor Speed for Hands
  3. Speech Comprehension (Aphasia)
  4. Picture Naming (Aphasia)
  5. Verbal Fluency (A, F, S, Animals, Clothing)
  6. Timed Neglect Test
  7. The Baking Tray Test (Visual Hemineglect)
  8. Attention Span (for symbols)
  9. Working Memory (for symbols)
  10. Arrow Stroop (Executive Control of Attention)
  11. Memory for Pattern Locations (Non-Verbal Learning and Episodic Memory)
  12. Symbol Digit Coding (Mental and Visuo-Motor Speed)
  13. Depression (GDS Short Form)